Balderton St Giles


The south side of
the churchyard
Sikes family tomb Grave marker to
children of the
Brumpton family

The churchyard is approximately rectangular in shape with a later extension on the west and south-west sides (after 1885 and before 1900). It is bounded by Main Street on the north side where a rough-coursed rubble wall bounds the site with an entrance gateway to the north porch. On the west side the wall changes to brick with blue tile copings and, in addition, there is a line of mature trees along Pinfold Lane. Church Lane runs along the eastern boundary which is also defined by a brick wall with blue tile caps and some mature trees. On the south side a cultivated hedge divides the churchyard from houses whilst at the south-west boundary a low, brick building, present in 1885, defines the edge.

There are burials on all sides with modern (post 1885) graves to the west and south-west. The south side of the churchyard is dominated by 19th century grave-markers and some box tomb markers.

There is a grave marker to six children of William and Lucy Brumpton who were killed on 16 August 1941 when an R.A.F. plane crashed into their house in New Balderton.